Monday, 12 January 2015

Char Siew Pau And Kuih Lopes At Cafe@Heart

Cafe@Heart is located on the second level of the new National Heart Centre building opposite SGH Block 4.

I was there with Mum for her blood test and having fasted since the previous night, she was extremely hungry after done with the test. The cafe was just diagonally opposite from the clinic so we made our way there for a light breakfast.

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

McDonald's X LINE Plush Collectibles With Purchase Of EVM From McDonald's!

Are you a fan of LINE characters?

Then Brown, Cony and friends should be of no stranger to you.

McDonald's is collaborating with LINE to bring you your favorite LINE characters!

The set of five plushie will be made available in stores every Monday beginning 05 January 2015 at 11am. Each plush is priced at $4.90 with purchase of any EVM (Extra Value Meal™).

For the next 5 weeks, one design will be released every Monday at 11am:
  • Cony (from 05 Jan) 
  • Sally (from 12 Jan) 
  • Cony (from 19 Jan)
  • Moon (from 26 Jan)
  • Leonard (from 02 February)

Monday, 15 December 2014

Our Army Exhibition - A Soldier In Every Family

Our Army Exhibition - A Soldier In Every Family came to the open space beside Westgate, Jurong East two weekends ago. 

I took the opportunity to visit the exhibition to learn more about the technology and weaponry used in our defenses. It was an eye-opener to learn about the latest technology and also seeing some familiar equipments which accompanied my days with the armed forces.

Thursday, 20 November 2014

ONE PIECE Collectibles With Purchase Of EVM From McDonald's!

ONE PIECE fans rejoice!

McDonald's is finally bringing in collectibles of the popular anime!

This series will be made available in stores every Monday from 17 November 2014 at 11am and each collectible is priced at $2.95 with purchase of any EVM (Extra Value Meal).

Customers are allowed to purchase ONE figurine per EVM, subject to availability.

Two designs will be released every Monday at 11am for three weeks:
  • Zoro and Robin (from 17 Nov) 
  • Franky and Chopper (from 24 Nov) 
  • Sanji and Brook (from 01 Dec) 

From 08 December, three designs will be released instead of two.
  • Nami, Usok and Luffy (from 08 Dec)

In addition, a limited edition THOUSAND SUNNY paper ship is available from 8 December at $3.95 each, with purchase of a EVM.

*Only 100 ships is available per store!

Monday, 17 November 2014

School's Out! Holidays In! Where To Bring Your Kids This School Holiday?

My apologies for the lack of updates as I was away for two weeks ICT. Although it's stay out all the way, I would flop into bed the moment I reached home every night because no one can shag me out like SAF can.

After ICT ended, the first thing I did was to visit Qianhu Fish Farm. Actually, I was there to get  a overhead filter as the current internal filter is not efficient for the bioload

I'm keeping Lionhead Goldfish at the moment and you know how messy goldfishes are. I had to get my hands wet every few days to strip down the filter and to wash out the gunk so I figure a overhead filter is much easier for maintenance.

Anyway, another reason I was there is to take a look at the Ranchus as I am smitten with them lately.

Sunday, 2 November 2014

9th Death Anniversary

God looked around His garden
And He found an empty place
He then looked down upon the earth
And saw your precious face

He put His arms around you
And lifted you to rest;
God' s Garden must be beautiful
He always takes the best.

He knew that you were suffering
He knew you were in pain
He knew you' d never ever
Get well on earth again.

So He closed your weary eyelids
And whispered " Peace be thine "
Then He took you up to Heaven
With Hands so gentle and kind.

It broke our hearts to lose you
But you did not go alone,
For part of us went with you
The day God welcomed you home.

Author Unknown

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