Thursday, 10 April 2014

Everyone's Talking About Redmi. Have You Jumped On The Bandwagon Yet?

Redmi, or Hongmi is a reference to its Chinese name 红米 meaning red rice.

If you have not already heard, Redmi have been selling like hotcakes in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and now Singapore, it's first venture outside China.

When I first learn that Redmi is a China phone, the first question I asked myself is "will it explode"?

All that caution is thrown out of the window when I'm reminded that iPhone is also made in China. Some of Redmi's components are made in FOXCONN, the same factory that assembles iPhones.

To be honest, I do not know much about phones. I know nothing about MIUI or Snapdragon and I can't tell WDCMA apart from GSM. 

All I knew is, this phone is a bargain at SGD169!

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Movie: Rigor Mortis 《僵尸》 2013

I know it is a little late to do a review for this movie now since it was released in the theaters last November but I only got round to watching it a few days ago.

The film began with Auntie Mui (Nina Paw Hee-Ching/鲍起静) lying in a pool of blood and the camera pans to the injured Yau (Anthony Chan/陈友) leaning against a crumbling wall.

Nearby, the dying Chin (钱小豪) flips to his back weakly, stares into the sky and his flashback begins.

Chin - the protagonist of the movie - plays himself, a has-been movie actor moving into a very old apartment apparently to end his life.

With a rope round his neck, he listens to the voice mails left by his beloved son and reminisce about life with his wife and son during happier times.

There is no mention of what happened to his family but in his flashback, they were seen walking away from him with their eyes turning white which I interpret as they are dead?

He finally kicked away the stool he was standing on.

Monday, 24 March 2014

新加坡动物园 Singapore Zoo 2014

It was around noon when I left the Singapore River Safari. The staff stamped my hand with a chop so I could re-enter if I want to.

After thanking her, I made my way towards the Zoo entrance and again gained free entrance with my complimentary ticket. I think it is so nice of Wildlife Reserves to open up their parks for free to Singaporeans on their birthdays.

If only Resort World Sentosa would do the same... Heh heh!

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

河川生态园 Singapore River Safari 2014

I have been wanting to visit the Singapore River Safari ever since it opened its door a year ago. However, not all of the exhibits were complete hence, I decided to put off my visit till they are fully ready.

The park was finally completed last December and I feel the time for my visit has come.

While looking for information on the Wildlife Reserves website, I discovered that Singaporeans and PRs enjoy free admission to all of WRS parks during their birthdays!

What better timing to take advantage of this offer as my birthday is just approaching?

Thursday, 13 March 2014

Galicier Confectionery @ Tiong Bahru

If you are in the vicinity of Tiong Bahru, do not give this old-school confectionery a miss. While the nondescript shopfront does not say much about it's offerings, it is in fact, a treasure trove filled with a good variety of nonya kuehs.

Auntie Jenny, the lady behind the counter is very helpful with suggestions on what I could buy as I was overwhelmed by the mere sight of these delectable kuehs in front of me.

I cannot help but wished I could have a bite of everything!

Well, who wouldn't? Everyone would be spoilt for choice here at Galicier.

Friday, 21 February 2014

KL-Styled Wanton Mee @ Jurong Point Malaysia Boleh!

Malaysia Boleh! is a themed foodcourt located at the new wing of Jurong Point Shopping Mall (beside Ding Tai Fung) selling renowned Malaysian delicacies like Klang Bak Kut Teh, Penang Laksa, Ipoh Nga Choi Gai (Bean Sprouts Chicken), Petaling Street Claypot Chicken Rice, KL Wanton Mee, etc.

Opened since 2012, I have always wanted try the food here but was put off by the horrendous crowd each time I was there.

Try to avoid peak hours if you can or at least bring a friend along so one could chope a table while the other queue for the food.

I decided to drop by an hour before the lunch time crowd arrive and there's plenty of seats to choose from.

The interior is renovated to resemble the olden days when hawkers peddle their food in the streets with the stalls designed as push carts. If you have been to Malaysian Food Street at RWS, you would understand what I am talking about.

Thursday, 20 February 2014


Are you a child of the 80s?

Do you remember playing 8-bit games like Tetris, Space Invaders, Pac Man and Donkey Kong?

I recalled spending hours playing in front of the TV via the game console and almost breaking the joystick! 

PIXELS is a award winning film directed by Patrick Jean. How many childhood game characters can you spot in this brilliant video?

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